The Untold Secret to Confidence- Anniversary Special!

Happy Anniversary Gorgeous! Our anniversary blog post is about “The Untold Secret to Confidence”.

Wow! Can you imagine, it has been a year since I launched this website? And a lot has happened since then. And since you have been following me for quite some time, you have caught some of those events.

I wanted to take this moment to express my gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for supporting me. And thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. My wish is that you have gained a token or two from these and have applied it to yourself.

Now, let’s go back to our favorite topic, “Confidence”. I know I share about confidence a lot on this website. But last year, I had the ultimate realization about confidence. And I wanted to share that information with you. As you already know from our very first blog post, “5 Little known steps to become confident in yourself”. I shared that confidence is a skill. Since it is a skill, It is something that we can always learn and improve.

Today, I wanted to share the untold secrets about confidence. It’s sad to know that a lot of people seek confidence. Some lack confidence. I know, because I didn’t have confidence in myself before. I had to work hard to gain it. And I know, I am still working on improving my confidence to the level that I need it to be.

Now, going back to the secrets of “confidence”. It’s fairly easy really. But challenging for a lot of people.

Untold secrets to “Unconfidence”

  1. Courage is where it starts
  2. It takes familiarity
  3. Repetition is key

Courage is where it starts

Courage is the first secret to confidence. You can be scared while having the courage to try. Having the courage to take action. Trust me, it’s scary most of the time. But courage is what I use to get to the next level of my journey. Uncertainty is scary. But so is winning. Regardless, we will feel uneasiness. At the end of the day though, it’s the actions that you have taken that matter.

I’m not saying it will be easy. Because everything worthwhile will not be easy. Staying where you are is not easy either. So, I challenge you today to answer this question: “What action will you take today to get you closer to where you want to be?” It doesn’t matter if it’s small. I just need you to take the courage to try.

It takes familiarity

Do you know the reason why we don’t have confidence in ourselves about something? Or confidence about doing something? Because we just haven’t done it before. Another reason is that we haven’t done it long enough.

In order to have confidence in something, you have to be familiar with it. For example, your confidence level from your first day at your new job is way different from being in the same job for a year. That is because you have become familiar. So easy right? This is why I have this as an untold secret about “confidence”.

And how do we get familiar with it? We do it over and over again.

Repetition is key

Again, we do it over and over again. But there’s a secret to repetition. It’s not just repeating it over and over again. It is doing, analyzing, reflecting, and then repeating. First is taking action. Analyze the action you have taken. Reflect on what went wrong or what went right. Then repeat with the knowledge that you have gained from your reflection.

These are the untold secrets to confidence. Very easy right? I challenge you to apply this today and share the impact it has done on you. And if you have found value in this blog post, please share it with others. It’s the only way we can spread knowledge.

As always… be:



Confidently You!

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