Talk about confidence, self acceptance and mindset

I am an enthusiast who is here to share my journey and help you on how to become Confidently You!

Who is Ernelita?

I was a 17-year-old young lady who moved to the United States from a third-world country called the Philippines. I had big dreams then and a huge drive to build a better life not just for myself but for my family.

But little did I know, that the country I moved into was a completely different dynamic compared to where I came from. That alone scared the bejesus out of me, let alone overwhelming!
Though I was very driven then, I did not really know how to do things. Clueless is the perfect word, to be honest. For one, I only knew my aunt as I was living with her. Though English is part of our curriculum in school back home, it is not a language I speak every day. Communicating with others and the culture became a challenge and a huge adjustment for me. Goodness, it was a huge shock as it was so different from the Philippines.

How everyone greeted each other, type of clothing, exchange of words/slang, gatherings… the list just goes on and I was at a loss.
I have sheltered myself and just dimmed my light and was so afraid to spread my wings. I settled for what is available even though there was this voice screaming inside of me saying, “You are meant for so much more”. But as fear and limiting beliefs whispered, I stayed where I was. Where did that lead me? Nowhere.
I felt stuck, unfulfilled, unhappy, almost depressed even. I was alone in a foreign country who barely made ends meet and support her family back home too. What a life! And not the American dream I came here for.


As you already know, my name is Ernelita but I go by Ernie. Now, don’t think that this blog is for pity parties now. I am sharing my story with you because I hoped that someone was there to guide me through my journey. Someone who was there as an older sister, someone to turn to for guidance, someone there to motivate. I did not have that someone at the very beginning.

I am doing this because I know how it felt to be scared, confused, overwhelmed, stuck. And most of all, I knew how it felt to be ‘little’ in a completely big world.

Listening to music going to places that relaxes me and reading books are the things that I do to help me reconnect with myself. Escape into the craziness of the world and make myself feel at peace and most of all… happy.

Confidently You is created with the idea to help you escape. Not in a bad way, but with the intention to have a safe space where you can be yourself. A space where you can relate and feel like a part of something. A space where you can be vulnerable. A space where you can get motivation from. And a space where you can regain YOU.