I am an enthusiast in creating a safe space to educate, empower, and introduce personal development to the most important person in the room… You!

Who is Ernelita?

Ernelita also known as Ernie, is an Independent Certified Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Speaker with the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. She has been thriving in the Healthcare Industry for over 10 years while fulfilling her purpose of motivating, teaching, and empowering young leaders to see their full potential.

Personal Growth is where her passion is as she has gone through the journey herself.

Ernie was a “shy introvert” and turned into a “confident introvert”.

From the woman who used to stutter when speaking in front of others to the woman who now facilitates masterminds, and workshops, and speaks in front of an audience.

 A woman who used to have a victim mentality now has a can-do attitude. A woman who had always been too hard on herself, characterized as a perfectionist, overachiever, and with high expectations. To the gentle, self-loving, action-taker, and learn-as-she-goes attitude.

She is an enthusiast when it comes to confidence and had worked on becoming a ‘Confidence’ mentor for her community and the people around her.  

She is dedicating her life’s work to creating a safe environment while educating, empowering, and spreading knowledge about Personal Development.

Ernie thrives to add value to people by showing them that continuous growth is possible if you are willing to put in the work for it.


As you already know, my name is Ernelita but I go by Ernie. My goal is to share my story as a guide to yours.

This blog is built for you because I know how it felt to be scared, confused, overwhelmed, and stuck. And most of all, I knew how it felt to be ‘little’ in a completely big world.

Listening to music, going to places that relax me, and reading books are the things that I do to help me reconnect with myself. Escape into the craziness of the world and make myself feel at peace and most of all… happy.

Confidently You is created with the idea to help you escape. Not in a bad way, but with the intention to have a safe space where you can be yourself. A space where you can relate and feel like a part of something. A space where you can be vulnerable. A space where you can get motivation from. And a space where you can regain YOU.