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4 Easy Questions to ask yourself in goal setting

Today, I wanted to talk about “4 easy questions to ask yourself in goal setting”.

We are halfway through the first month of the year. I am sure you have set your goals either at the beginning of January or maybe the end of December. Halfway through the first month is when the determination slowly dies down. I have observed this myself. And to be honest, I have fallen off of what I set for myself to do before.

I will be honest, goal setting is easy, but it is starting and keeping up with it that is a challenge. And if you are experiencing it, it is okay. It happens to all of us.

But what I have learned is you have to ask yourself 4 questions when setting your goals. These 4 questions had helped me tremendously to take the path that I want. And focus on it.

I learned these questions from reading the book, “Developing the Leader within you 2.0” by Dr. John Maxwell. Dr. John Maxwell shared these questions in the book. The questions were a response to a question asked by the author Danny Cox to a graduate student who became a successful entrepreneur, not just once but twice!

What do I really want?

When it’s time to set goals, you must ask yourself, “What do ‘I’ really want?”. Notice the letter ‘I”? That means, what “YOU” want. Not what your parents want. Not your partner. Nor your friends. It is what you want.

Why? Because working towards what “YOU” want leads to your happiness. It will give you a sense of fulfillment. And the thought of ‘you are doing it for ‘you’ will give you that ease that whatever adversity comes your way is bearable.

What will it cost?

I love this question when goal setting. Why? Because this removes the “BS” and tells what I am going to face. I know that something has to give. There will be a cost. Cost doesn’t always mean money. Though that is a part of it. Cost also means time. Effort. Hard work. Sweat. Tears. Late nights. Early mornings. Long hours. Forgetting where you put your lunch. (This is me).

Knowing that achieving your goals will require work makes it easier to face them.

Am I willing to pay the price?

Now, knowing the amount of work is one thing. This question confirms if you have the “Do whatever it takes” mindset as Gary Vee says. Are you willing to pay the price for the set goals you made for yourself?

Meaning are you willing to put in the work, every day and every night? Are you willing to remove watching TV from your routine and read books instead?

Are you willing to cut down on sugar in your diet to reach the weight you wanted to lose?

These are examples of the price that you may have to pay, depending on what journey you plan to reach. So, again, “Are you willing to pay the price?

If your answer is yes, then ask the next question.

When should I start paying the price?

When should you start paying the price to reach your set goals?

I thought you’d never ask. The answer is NOW.

Not later. Nor tomorrow. Not next week. Or even wait for next month. Start Now.

Why? According to the Law of Diminishing intent by Dr. John Maxwell. Our hunger, motivation, or inspiration into starting anything will diminish if we don’t take action toward it right away.

Now, I ask these questions at the very beginning of my goal setting, but in times when I have no motivation. I don’t feel like doing what I am supposed to do. Guess what?

I ask these questions to myself again. Why? Because it reminds me of the set goals I have for myself. What it takes to get the results that I aim for. My commitment to setting the goal. Last but not the least, when should I take action to achieve those goals.

I challenge you to ask yourself these 4 questions. Whether you’re starting your goal-setting journey. Or somewhere in the middle and slowly falling into the cracks. Like I’ve said before, we can bend. We can rest. Even take a break, but we can NEVER. GIVE. UP.

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