6 Choices to put yourself in a better environment

Today, I wanted to share the 6 Choices to put yourself in a better environment. This is from the book by John Maxwell, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”.

These 6 Choices were from the chapter “The Law of Environment”. I recommend buying the book if you have not done so. The law says “Growth thrives in conducive surroundings”. Meaning, we will only grow if we involve ourselves in a place that can make an outcome likely possible.

I love this quote from Jim Rohn, “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree!

Sometimes it’s easy to just complain and say that you’re not successful because of your family. Because of the government. Or because of any other reasons that may come up.

I am here to tell you that You have the power to change your current situation right now. You have the capability to be in a better situation. And you can change. The only question is, “Are you willing to change your environment?”

My Story

Three years ago I was faced with this crossroads. I was not happy where I was. And I was becoming a person I know I do not want to be. I was overworked. Stressed. Anxious. And we can safely say that I did not have a life.

So, I made a decision to leave and start over. It was tough but I decided to leave where I was. Started a new job. Pursue what I want and not hold back. I literally changed my surroundings. Now, I am happy. I feel fulfilled. With the thought that I am only getting started. So, that is my short story, let me help you make yours.

Again, if you are not happy where you are today, it can change. But only you can change it. Let’s tackle the 6 choices to put yourself in a better environment.

6 Choices to put yourself in a better environment.

1. Assess your current environment

The first step is always awareness and acceptance in decision-making. Assess where you are and maybe ask yourself the following questions:

a. Am I happy where I am?

b. Do I like what I am currently doing?

c. Do I feel like I can do more?

d. Is this how I see myself?

This will need a little bit of reflection and honesty with yourself. Now, once you have assessed your environment then the acceptance has to follow. You are where you are, yes. And that is okay. Then it’s time to do something about it.

2. Change yourself and your environment

Don’t take this the wrong way. But to improve your surroundings, you have to improve as well. Your mindset has to improve. Your outlook in life. Even your decision-making. Why? So, you don’t end up in the same environment that you were trying to get away from.

Changing yourself does not mean having a different personality. It doesn’t mean having a different appearance. It means improving who you are now to match the environment that you want to be a part of.

A perfect way to start is by reading my blog post, “Simple ways to declutter your life and your mind.”

3. Change who you spend your time with

In my blog post, “Knowing the people you surround yourself with – Self-acceptance rule”. I shared the three types of people to spend less time with. In my journey, I learned that there are two types of people. The battery chargers and the battery drainers.

I challenge you to read my blog post and assess the people you surround yourself with. Depending on your observation, I recommend spending ‘less’ time with the battery drainers in your life. I had to make this decision a few years back. Sadly, some relationships were broken because some people will not understand where you’re coming from. But the people who are willing to grow with you. Willing to support you. And the genuine people who want to be a part of your life will stay.

4. Challenge yourself in your new environment

Yes, challenge yourself! You’re probably asking how? Well, by doing the things that you don’t normally do. Why? So, that you’ll continuously grow and improve.

One of the things that I had to do in my new environment was asked for help. And share the same journey with someone. I chose to have an accountability partner. Because of this, I stayed consistent in growing myself and being a genuine part of the surrounding that I am building for myself.

5. Focus on the moment

Focus on the moment! This is something I did not do before. I will not blame you for thinking about the past and worrying about the future. That is how we were conditioned.

But please use this blog post to help you realize that in order to grow and create the environment that you want. you have to be present. Focus on the moment.

You cannot change your past. Learn from it. You cannot predict the future, so stop worrying about it. The only thing that you can control is ‘now’.

I would like for you to stop and ask yourself these questions?

1. Am I fully present right now?

2. Am I thinking about something else while reading this blog post?

6. Move forward despite criticism

Yes, you read that right, move forward despite criticism. If you have been reading my blog posts for a year now, you have learned that people around you can have a negative opinion of what you are doing. And guess what? It is O.K. You are creating a better environment for that reason too. Remember, their opinion is from their own beliefs. Their own mindset. And own type of thinking. This is completely different from yours. They do not have the same vision as you.

I love what Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” This quote is from the movie, “The Princess Diaries” by Anne Hathaway. I did not understand it then. Until I heard it again from the book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.”

There you have it again gorgeous! A jammed-pack value of knowledge. I challenge you to apply it today and share this blog post with people whom you think it will benefit from. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts.

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