The Leader you aim to be is in YOU.

Hello, there gorgeous! Today, I wanted to share an outstanding achievement with you and also help you realize that the leader you aim to be is in you.

I must say, I look forward to building these blog posts for you every time. I have my ‘deep focus’ playlist in the background, as I lean back and let my fingers type away.

I am happy to announce that my co-host and I are launching our very first radio show through Voice America Business Channel. We named the radio show, The Leader’s Edge.

To be honest with you, this next chapter of my life is just surreal for me. Because imagine all I wanted to do is become an International Motivational Teacher, and now here is a platform that can help me do that.

The mission of our radio show is…

We want to attract, motivate, inspire, and add value to aspiring leaders and/or seasoned leaders, who will in turn multiply value to others. We want to be a catalyst for the transformation of these leaders to change the world around them!”

– The Leader’s Edge

Now, you are probably saying, “Ernie, I am not a leader. I don’t have a leadership role at work.” This is where the teaching starts.

According to my mentor, Dr. John C. Maxwell, “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.”

If you have influence, you are a leader. There are different types of leaders which is something that we will not talk about today. But to some it all up, if you are influencing someone, then you are a leader. That could be, influencing your family, your co-workers, and/or yourself.

You see, the hardest person to lead is ‘yourself’ because you tend to make yourself last. Analyze this for me, I challenge you to assess your actions toward yourself. On days, that you want to do something but decided to stay home instead. Giving and helping others but when it comes to doing things for you, you turn away. This is because we are conditioned that taking care of ourselves first is selfish.

I am here to tell you that it is not. And to be honest, leading starts with YOU. Just like what I had shared in my previous blog post, “You are authentic, just the way you are.” It all starts within you.

Our vision

Our radio show’s vision is to show our audience, YOU, the work, that happens in a leader’s life behind closed doors. The personal growth that they have to go through and still going through in their leadership journey.

Sometimes, leaders, founders, and successful people are put on a pedestal because of what people see as “success.” But has anyone asked, what these so-called leaders or successful individuals have to go through in order to get there? The pain, the doubts, the adjustments, and the failures. All those things happen in the dark. It all happens when everyone has gone home and the work is done.

So, gorgeous, in your battle, I am here to tell you, that the leader you aim to be is in YOU. It is something that you can unleash, reveal, and hone.

With that, I would like to ask for your support on our radio show, “The Leader’s Edge”, as we aim to teach you tangible tools on how to lead. May that be leading a corporation or leading yourself.

If you find value in this blog post please share it with others, because it’s the only way we will spread the knowledge.

Always remember, be Bold, be Radiant, and be Confidently You!

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