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You are authentic just the way you are! – Pep Talk

Hi there gorgeous! Here is another time for us to share a quick moment together as I give you a pep-talk on this blog post, “You are authentic just the way you are!

A lot of things are happening on the back end lately and I have been quiet on social media. I have been mostly posting my stories regarding events and guests that we are having on our Facebook group called, “Path to your Personal and Leadership Growth with Steve and Ernie”. If you are not a part of this Facebook group, please feel free to ask to join and we will let you in.

Anyway, back to our topic today about being authentic. According to the Oxford Dictionary, being authentic means, “of undisputed origin; genuine.

Now, my question to you is, do you know that you are authentic just the way you are?

You are probably wondering how I know that you are authentic despite not meeting you. Well, I know that you are authentic because:

You are made uniquely by your creator…

You are authentic because you are made uniquely by your creator. May that be God, Universe, Spirits, or whoever your creator is, you are created unique and genuine. My faith is in Jesus and his Father created all of us in His likeness. That is why I know that in my heart, I am made authentically by my Creator.

According to Genesis 1, God created man on the sixth day. Carefully crafted that He created man in two genders, a man and a woman. Both were given life and given a purpose. And you are too!

You already have it in you to be authentic…

Since I have been created by God, I am already authentic. But because of our conditioning growing up, our authenticity fades, replaced by doubts, negative self-talk, fear, and limiting beliefs.

This conditioning is the teachings of our parents. The subconscious and conscious observations that we had adopted. And the values, knowledge, and skills that we have learned over time.

I have learned in my journey that you are already your higher self or authentic self when you were born. But between the age of birth to seven, your authentic self is tainted and changes over time. But here’s the good news, you can find it in yourself again.

You can find your own authenticity within you

I listened to the book by a good friend of mine Ms. Traci Philips, “Looking in”. And in the book she shared her point of view as to how you can have your own authenticity within you but you just have to start looking in. I highly recommend reading it as it also has thought-provoking questions that will help you answer the question, “Who am I?”

Looking inside of you and working on finding your own authenticity is like peeling layers of onions. There will be discoveries that can hurt you. Amaze you, and even surprise you. But not a lot of people are willing to do the work. We tend to stay on what’s normal, what’s familiar, and what we know.

So, today I challenge you to look within yourself to regain your authenticity because I am confident to say that, you are authentic, just the way you are.

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this blog post and if you found value in it, please share it with others. It’s the only way we can spread the information.

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