Reasons why personal growth has to start within

Have you started your personal growth? If not let me start with personal growth has to start within. What do I mean by that? Personal growth is not accessible in school and is not made aware to everyone. As a result, I made it a mission to make it known on my own page.

What is Personal Growth?

Personal Growth is you growing yourself. It can be emotional, mental, or physical. Learning a different perspective to tackle day-to-day adversities. And learning to have a different outlook on life. Personal Growth will teach you to test your own limits and introduce you to your own capacity.

Now, that you have an idea of what personal growth is in my own definition. Let’s go back to reasons why personal growth has to start within.

In my own journey, I didn’t know that personal growth has to start within. I was doing the work. Learning new things but it’s just knowledge. Yet I found myself treating each task in my personal development journey as a chore. It’s not something that I loved. Not even close to liking it.

Why? Because I didn’t know the capacity of what I am learning. I wasn’t mindful of what was truly happening in the personal growth process. It almost felt like I was shooting bullets with no target.

It is not until I learned that it has to be intentional. Personal growth has to start within me. Let me explain why below.

Reasons why personal growth has to start within

  • You have to know your reason for personal growth

You have to accept that you need personal growth

  • You need to learn where personal growth is applied

You have to know your reason for personal growth

Again this is going back to being intentional. It has to start within you as to why you need personal growth.

In my previous blog post, “9 Unheard Ways to achieve greater personal growth”. I shared the first one as starting with awareness.

And that starts within you. The majority of the people in the world practice the definition of insanity.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Albert Einstein

My reason for diving into personal growth initially because I was tired of hiding. My insecurities always got the best of me. Knowing that I am capable of doing something but my limiting beliefs had always kept me on the sidelines. And I know that in order to change something. I need to start within and tell myself I need to change.

I challenge you to ask yourself, what is your reason to grow? Start within yourself and ask that question.

You have to accept that you need personal growth

Why? Because you may know within you that you need to grow. But there will be times when you will question it. Or second, guess it even. Personal growth starts within and it comes with accepting that it is needed. For a long time, I knew I needed to grow but I didn’t know that having to accept it is part of the process.

Full acceptance that I need personal growth gave me that commitment. That the things that I need to go through in order to grow are not just tasks. They are needed to help me grow. As a result, I saw progress. I retain the information. And my growth became apparent not just within me. But other people around me noticed it as well.

You need to learn where personal growth is applied

Yes, gorgeous. Start within. That is where personal growth is applied. All the things that you will learn will challenge you to become uncomfortable. And that is the whole point. But you cannot pick and choose where to apply personal growth if you’ve learned to have a better mindset, great. If you have learned how to gain confidence in talking with other people. And choosing not to use it. It is a disservice to yourself.

Personal growth is only effective if you have committed to learning and applying the knowledge.

One thing I have learned from John Maxwell was, “You have to be comfortably uncomfortable.” And when you do, the reward is indescribable.

So, there you have it, three reasons why personal growth has to start within. Please share this post and tag me if you found it valuable. It’s the only way we can spread knowledge.


  1. Dear Ernie, thanks so much for this heartfelt and honest post! Sincerely, your friend Lenny in Miami Beach!

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