You are what you are meant to be!

I will repeat this again, “You are what you are meant to be! This may sound unclear but let me explain it.

Before I do, this blog post is more of a pep talk. And I would like to reflect on a quote that inspired me to type this blog post.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Eleanor Roosevelt

Why did I choose this quote?

Call me an overachiever. But one of the most important things that you need to reach whatever you desire is “courage”.

That’s it! It is not talent. Not hard work. And definitely not knowledge. It is having the courage.

I was discussing this with a friend a few days ago and he did not agree with me. I have this quote that I created which goes…

Life is worth living, you just have to have the courage to live it

Ernelita Dacumos

I say “courage” because we will face a lot of struggles in life. We will feel uncomfortable when we work towards our desires. But you know what will get you through it? Courage!

It’s been working for me so far. I am confident that it will work for you too.

How do I correlate this to Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”, well let’s see. Say, you are very unhappy with your current job. You’ve shared this with a friend or someone close and the response you received was, “stay where you are, it will be hard for you to change careers now”. “Changing jobs means starting over, you don’t want to start over do you?”

Now, I’m not saying those people are bad people. Those responses are signs of them caring for you. They don’t want you to suffer in the end. Which is valid.

But the choice of words is not empowering. Sadly, they are demotivating. And if you are not being careful, they can be crippling.

Mrs. Roosevelt’s quote applies to it because you will hear demotivating words. Crippling words. Those words will make you feel incapable. Or inferior even and at the end of the day, it is your choice if you will let those words be applied to you and your life.

Starting over is not a bad thing. May that be personal or professional. I have started over many times in my young life. And so far, I have learned that it wasn’t so bad at all. I have learned a lot. And I’ve come to a realization that starting over shows you how flexible you can be. And my secret, every time I start over, I start using the knowledge that I already have. So, technically, it is not starting over. It is entering a new chapter.

And what do you need to enter a new chapter in your life? “Courage”

Always remember, if you have that burning desire, do not be afraid to listen to it and do what you need to do to take that path.

You are what you are meant to be already.

“You are what you are meant to be” explained

Now, I need your full attention because I wanted you to get what I meant by this.

It is mind-blowing. Do you know that a child is born with his or her higher self?

What? I know, I said that too.

It means that you are what you are meant to be the moment you are born.

Unfortunately, you don’t know what you are meant to be until you have your clarity moment. Why? Because the first 7 years of your childhood are about learning and absorbing. And those are; your parent’s values, traditions, environment, etc. So, you become the average of all those things. And that is not who you are meant to be.

You develop fears. Limiting beliefs. Traumas. Your own values. Your ways. That are not entirely yours.

And then, you go through your journey of being who you want to be. I hate to break it to you, you were misled. Once you found clarity, the journey will be, finding who you are.

It is inside you. You are what you are meant to be, just needed to wake up. You just have to bring it out of you.

Also have the courage to:

  • Go through the journey
  • Break down walls and barriers
  • Start the healing process
  • Unlearn limiting beliefs

It sounds like a lot of work. But as you peel off every skin. Remove all the unnecessary parts. You will see your higher self again.

So the next time you have a burning desire to change. Burning desire to do something. Don’t shrug it off. Face it. Develop the courage to explore it. That is your inner self guiding you.

And when you do, this will result in you meeting the person you are meant to be.

I hope you found value in this pep talk and I would love for you to share this with someone who may need to read it.

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Always remember…

Be bold,


…confidently YOU!


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