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Quick ways to handle the “Inner Voice” in your head

Last night I had to opportunity to watch three amazing women speak at The Rising Stars Speaker Series. It is a local event that happens every couple of months and they bring speakers to speak at the event. One of the speakers, Keerthi Kathi, spoke about the inner voice which motivated me to write this blog post. “Quick ways to handle the “Inner Voice in your head.

What is an Inner Voice?

The conversation that you have with yourself is the most important conversation that you will have all day

– John Maxwell

Yes, you are probably asking, “what is an inner voice?” An inner voice is also known as the internal dialogue that you have within yourself. These are voices that whisper when you are about to leave your comfort zone. Most of the time, it questions you or makes decisions for you.

In my personal development journey, I have learned that inner voices are hardwired in us from our childhood experiences. To some extent, it’s from our childhood traumas.

Are inner voices bad? If you asked me 5 years ago, I would say, yes! But having the experience and knowledge that I have now. It’s quite the contrary.

How? Well, an inner voice is designed to protect you from experiencing the same pain. Or having the same reaction to a similar situation that happened in the past. See, it has good intentions. But the downside is, it can prevent you from taking the next step.

Remember my blog post, “Reasons why Personal Growth has to start within?” If not, click the hyperlink. Personal growth has to start within to battle or to handle our fears and limiting beliefs. And this one of them.

How do I use my inner voice nowadays? I use it as a guide to my growth. So let’s dive in, on how you can handle it too.

Simple ways how to Handle Inner Voice in your head

  1. Listen to it
  2. Ask yourself “what does it make me feel?”
  3. Do I want to continue feeling this way?
  4. What can I do to stop feeling this way?
  5. When can I start doing something about it?

Listen to it

Keerthi’s speech was titled “Congratulations, You are not good enough!” This speech was structured so well that gave the negative phrase a positive meaning.

“You are not good enough”, is an example of an inner voice. When approached with something that is unusual or new for us. This inner voice usually comes up. In her story, she shared that she had this inner voice growing up. But she was able to push it to the side so that it became dormant. Until she was faced with a new task… being a mother. Being a mother is definitely hard, but a very fulfilling role. I related to her story because I too am a mother. And I didn’t know what I was doing.

I had so many inner voices about it. “You are a bad mom!”, “You think you are ready for this?” The list goes on. How I handled it? Do the best I can.

How Keerthi is handling hers right now is, she decided to listen to it. Instead of pushing it under a rug. She decided to face it.

Ask yourself “what does it make me feel?”

Here’s the coaching aspect of it. Ask yourself, “what does it make me feel?” Tough right? Bare with me though. This is necessary. For years we are told that if you get scared or faced with fear. Like an inner voice questioning you. To suck it up and move on. Wear your big girl or big boy pants and just move on. And I am here to tell you, that is the wrong way. Entertain it. Feel it. Accept it.

“What does it make you feel?” Well mostly, crappy. It makes you feel unmotivated. Weak. Helpless even.

Do I want to continue feeling this way? (Inner voice can cripple you)

Well, the answer to this next question is obvious, right? Of course not. We do not want to continue feeling unmotivated. Helpless. Or stuck. As I said, your inner voice can cripple you. Or stop you from taking action right? This question is important. Do you want it to continue doing so? I hope your answer is, NO!

What can I do to stop feeling this way?

In Keerthi’s story, her inner voice saying, “You are not good enough”, she used the changing diaper situation. Apparently, she keeps failing to change her baby’s diaper without getting pee’d on. A friend of hers asked her a question that changed her mindset. The question was, “What do you do when you don’t know how to change the diaper?” So, simple right? But it’s again, that inner voice has the power to make the easy to the hardest thing in the world. So, she googled how to change diapers, and is now a pro at it.

Same thing with you gorgeous. When an inner voice comes around, ask yourself the questions I have given you so far. And this question is important, “What can I do to stop feeling this way?” This calls for you to take action. Do your own research. Practice. Ask for help. Do something that can help you improve and learn more about the task at hand. Remember, it is all about growing and improving yourself.

When can I start doing something about it?

The answer is now! It is not later. It is not tomorrow. Next month or whenever. It is now!

The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.”

– Jim Rohn

As Jim Rohn explained the Law of Diminishing Intent, “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.”

Again, all results will come when backed up by action. So, once you’ve learned what needs to be done to overcome your inner voice. Do not wait. Do it now.

There you have it gorgeous! Simple ways to handle your inner voice. Please share this if you found value in this blog post. I would love other people to benefit from it as well. And as always, I would love to hear how this blog post had made an impact on your life. Feel like to shoot me a message and share.

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