Talk about Easter (From my perspective)

Hi Gorgeous! Happy Easter Monday! Today I wanted to talk about Easter and share my perspective with you.

He has risen! That is what we shout out loud on Easter Sunday. And what we celebrate. But have you ever stopped and asked what easter means to you?

Some of us practice fasting. Others celebrate it by painting eggs and hosting an egg hunt for their kids.

I came to my church today at Lifesong. To celebrate with my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. And the teaching is, what is Easter all about? Our pastor, James, did a fantastic job of preaching what Easter is all about. He answered the question, “How come we don’t have a play of what happened to Jesus at our church?” He said, “Yes we do, we practice baptism.” According to him, it signifies how Christ died on the cross and rose after three days. In his sermon he said, that being baptized means dying and being resurrected. It is dying, because the old you have been disconnected from you as you were submerged under water. And resurrected after rising above the water. A beautiful analogy.

One of the people who was baptized today said that she wanted to be baptized because she sold her house and everything in it. She realized that she has been investing in the wrong house. Her baptism today signifies her down payment in heaven and she will continue to invest in it.

I was baptized on September 11, 2022, at the same church. My reasoning was it is my commitment. I know I wanted to become an International Motivational Teacher but in January of last year, I had an epiphany as to what my deeper purpose is. My goal was to become a river of God’s words and His works to others. I didn’t have the full message until the first week of September. Once, I had the confirmation, baptism was my blessing. It is my commitment that everything that I will be doing moving forward will honor my Creator.

And Easter to me is a great reminder. Year after year, it is a reminder of His sacrifices for me. It is a reminder that His death on that cross wipes away all my sins. And despite all the bad things and the mistakes that I have done in the past, He is still willing to sacrifice His own life and blood for me.

Every year during Easter, I always watch the movie “The Passion of Christ”. It never fails to make me cry and feel grateful. Easter Sunday is when I celebrate His resurrection, proving that He is the true son of God.

So, today, I would like to challenge you, to answer on the comment below, “What does Easter mean to you?

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