Winning Starts with Believing that You Will Win

Hi there gorgeous! Gosh, writing a blog every month can be impactful. I am now realizing how much I’ve missed writing. And I sure hope you’ve missed my writing as well. The title of our blog post today is, “Winning starts with believing that you will win!”

Now, if you have been following me for quite some time, you may have heard that my co-host and I launched our international radio show called, “The Leader’s Edge.” And you can learn a bit more about it from one of my previous blog posts, “The Leader You Aim to be is in You”

Chaz Gates, the COO and co-founder of Wondry Wine, is our special guest for today’s episode on the radio show. And the title of his radio show episode is “The Calvary Always Comes”. Feel free to listen to it, after reading this blog first.

Now, I will not share the whole show with you, but I will share one of the messages that he shared on the show. This message is a very good reminder for me, and I just realized that it tied in with the movie that I watched this evening, called “Champions” with actor “Woody Harrelson.” I highly recommend it if you have not had a chance to see it.

Now, I will not spoil the movie either but the message I have gathered is, “winning starts with the belief that you will win.”

Sometimes we are so busy setting goals, wishing to achieve something, and taking action, that we forget the most important thing, and because of this, we put a cap on our abilities. But if we practice the belief that we will win, that is half of the battle.

Why? Because believing that you will win helps you stay focused on the goal

Believing that you will win helps you stay focused on the goal

Gorgeous, your energy is valuable! Read that again! I know that fears, limiting beliefs, and inner critics exist. And entertaining these fears all the time can suck the energy out of you. But what if, you focus your energy knowing and believing that you’ve already won? Isn’t that a feel-good moment? Wouldn’t you want to feel good instead of dealing with the negative thoughts and emotions that your fears invoke?

I learned this along the way of my journey and Chaz shared it on the show too, if we work hard, treat whatever it is that we are working on as our baby. Invest every day, what do you think would be the end result? Success right?

In the book In-Vision by my great friend Niel Magsombol, he said, “Our visions are a glimpse of the future.” Now, in order for that vision to become a reality, you have to believe that it is already yours. It is already in existence, you just have to work on existing in that glimpse of the future.

Too good to be true? I know! But let me ask you this, what are you currently working towards? Maybe building a business. Working overseas. Or working your way up to your dream job. All these things, at some point in time you had a vivid image of what it looks like. That is your vision.

Now, if the vision is in your mind, why is it so hard to see that it is already done? Why is it a challenge to put yourself in it? It is because we lack the belief that it is possible.

How do you start believing? I have my teaching about confidence that having confidence starts with having the courage to take thought into action and repeatedly do it all over again.

There are three sources of courage which is where belief comes from:

  1. 1. Belief in yourself – right now, you may not have a lot but hey, this is why you are reading this blog post right? You are working on improving your mindset
  2. 2. Belief from others – this could be the faith and support coming from your friends, family, or a mentor
  3. 3. Belief in a higher power – this is where your faith is; it could be Jesus, Buddha, etc.

So there you have it, how winning starts with believing that you’ve already won, and where you can start getting that belief.

Another blog post in the books and if you found value in this blog post, share it with someone who may benefit from it. It’s the only way we can spread these tools to others.

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