Everyone Deserves to be Lead Well (IMC 2023)

Hi there gorgeous!!! This past week was just a fun and fulfilling week for me. John C. Maxwell said, “Everyone Deserves to be Lead Well.” He is right! You, me, and everyone else in this world deserve to be led well.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend our August International Maxwell Conference in Florida. It is where all Maxwell Certified Team Members meet every March and August. Our mentor, Chris Robinson said, “Stay close to the fire” which motivated me to make a commitment and join again this year and I am grateful that I did.

The Maxwell Leadership Group is Dr. John C. Maxwell’s (Papa John) Legacy. As of today, we have 48,000 members around the world who are certified in the path that they have chosen. Each and every member are promised that they will be led well through this organization and we have been.

The faculty, the mentors, and Papa John himself always over-deliver. The International Maxwell Conference (IMC) alone was perfect proof of it. It is a three-day event for members to meet, learn, network, and grow together.

For the most part, we are all led well because of the following things:

  • We have an assigned “Growth Day” for all members and non-members of the organization. This day is full of motivational keynote speeches from well-known speakers and our mentors. It is also a day where we can network and add value to others outside of the organization.
  • The second day and third day is more intimate since it is exclusive for members only. There more teachings are done, along with other activities specific to the lane of our choice and status of membership.
  • New relationships are built and strengthen the relationships that we already had. I have met so many new people at this conference that I have built friendships and if not family. Sometimes the notion of being in a cult comes to mind. It may be true or not, but I must say the energy was just electrifying and motivating.

I am writing this blog post because I wanted to give you a brief update on my life and at the same time, give you a snippet of my growth journey. With this though, I wanted to challenge you today with these questions:

-What are you doing today for your personal growth?

-How are you leading yourself or are you being led well in your environment?

-What can you do to improve your current environment?

-Are you surrounding yourself with like-minded people who can help you in your own personal growth?

Feel free to respond in the comments below with your answer and I’m excited to hear from you.

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