3 Reasons to stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison is the thief of joy!

-Theodore Roosevelt

How many times have you scrolled through social media and wished that you have that nice car, nice house, or you are on a tropical island sipping a Piña colada like the beautiful lady in the picture?

How about wishing that you have that perfect body, or know how to properly put makeup on and have that glowing, well-concealed beautiful face?

There’s more, how about you just started your own business and working hard to build it, but you see your friends at a club and partying?

Does any of these questions hit a nerve in you?

It sure hit me at the time and what I have learned was, comparing myself to others robbed me of my own happiness and I am sure in reading the questions above, it hit you as well.

That is why gorgeous I am sharing these reasons with you as to why you need to stop comparing yourself to others.

1. Comparing yourself to others makes you focus on the things you lack, instead of the things you have.

In my personal development journey, I have learned that focusing on the negatives will bring you more negatives and if you focus on the positives will bring you more positives.

Now, it sounds so easy right, but you are questioning it because all you hear on the news are negative things, yet there is a community, a group of people who learned that they have the power to choose what information they process and consume. I was one of those people who learned it as well and my love, I am sharing it with you.

You have the power to choose between watching the news which is negatives. Good news on TV is very rare and if there is, the ratings of viewers are not as high as the ratings on episodes with negative information on it.

There is a scientific explanation to it; in which I have learned from the Mindset Mentor podcast hosted by Rob Dial, our brain has a Reticular Activating System (RAS), and what it does is filter out the information that you do not focus on and only shows you the information that interest you, mind you I do not have a degree on this but this is how I understood his explanation.

Still, doubt it?

I would like you to test it yourself, let’s say you saw a commercial about Tesla on television and found the car’s design intriguing, your RAS will save that information in your brain and the moment you start driving on the road, you will start noticing Tesla cars without even having the intention of looking for it.

You can test it with any other information that catches your attention and let me know how it was for you.

2. Comparing yourself with others devalue yourself.

What? Harsh I know, but dear, I am not here to sugarcoat it for you.

How does comparing yourself with others devalue yourself?

– Wishing that you know how to properly put makeup on just to look beautiful devalues yourself for not considering that you are beautiful and unique without needing to put make-up on.

– Wishing that you have the perfect body to consider yourself beautiful or healthy sadly devalues yourself as well.

– Wishing that you are successful in your business and partying devalues your effort to start it and you are in the building stage of your journey.

By doing this, the tendency is, you don’t realize how beautiful you already are, you forget the journey and efforts that you’ve put in to be in your situation right now, and most of all, it robs you of that feeling of fulfillment of reaching that level in your life.

Choose to use those images, that information to motivate you not to discourage.

3. Comparing yourself with others takes you away from being authentic.

Love, as I said above, you are unique, beautiful, and where you exactly need to be in your life, but there is always growth. But the thing is, we all have our own paths of growth, what you see on social media, or any outside source will not be like the path that you want to take.

Being on a tropical island is nice, but do you want to live on an island 24/7?

Having a perfect body would be amazing, but does it fit your lifestyle, or being healthy is more of your priority?

Owning a business sounds empowering, but is it what you want?

Analyze these questions and ask yourself, is the information you see from outside sources something that you want to achieve, or just bits and pieces of it? Do you have a better idea of your own definition of success?

I will answer that for you, and it is a big, YES!

Again, you are authentic as you are, comparing yourself with others takes you away from being one. This is your own journey, work on yourself and believe me, you will find your higher self once you dive into your own personal development journey as I did.

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