How to take action despite lack of inspiration

Lack of inspiration or motivation is something that you would experience. Which is normal. But it is what we do next matters.

In my personal development journey, I have come across days of just pure lack of inspiration.

That moment when you get home from work and all you wanted to do is sit back. Relax. Or watch a movie on Netflix.

There would be times on the weekend when you just want to sleep in and forget about the load of tasks you have set for yourself that day.

Even times when you just want to leave the house and hang out with friends in the evening and have some fun.

Lastly, there will be moments where you will ask yourself, why do I have to take a different route than everyone else?

My answer to those questions? Because you decided to make an impact and live a purposeful life.

When I had clarity of who I am meant to become, which is an International Motivational Speaker. I lost count of how many times I asked, “how in the world will I be able to fulfill that purpose?” But despite not knowing, I am reminded why I want to become one. And I will trust that my Creator will lead the way.

Just like what Mr. John Maxwell stated in his book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth,

There are things in life that you have to work for and there are things you have to wait for.

John Maxwell

In this blog post, I would like to share how to keep taking action despite a lack of inspiration. More so, to avoid procrastination.

Tips on how to take action despite lack of inspiration

  • Asking the question, Is this getting me closer or getting me farther?
  • I have to versus I get to (Mindset)
  • Take the next step on the task when you lack inspiration

Asking the question, “Is this getting me closer or getting me farther?

H.P. Liddon, chancellor of St. Paul’s in London, observed…

What we do on some great occasion will depend on what we are; and what we are will be the result of previous years of self-discipline”

Yes, it takes self-discipline to stay consistent. But it does not mean that you will always be motivated. Just like what I’ve shared in my previous blog post, “Reasons why consistency is key to everything”. We will not have the motivation to take action all the time, but since you have been taking action day in and day out. It will become a habit.

But I know there are still days when motivation and consistency are not enough. Trust me, it happens!

And on days when lack of inspiration comes, I ask myself, “Is this getting me closer, or getting me farther?”

I’ve provided example scenarios below for you:

“Is sitting here and watching a movie from Netflix for two hours getting me closer or getting me farther from finishing the book that I am reading?”

“Is going to a club tonight getting me closer or further from finishing the classes that I promise myself I will study tonight?”

This question instantly lights up a fire in me to take action.

“I have to” versus “I get to” (mindset)

I have learned this way of thinking from Mr. David Meltzer. He is a Speaker, Author, Sports Executive, Investor, and Entrepreneur, and is well known on social media.

The teaching was, instead of thinking, “I have to”, why not say, “I get to”?

Mindset mentor Rob Dial Jr., also confirmed this mindset. Saying “I have to” makes you feel like you are doing a chore. But saying, “I get to” gives you that power and thinking that you are in control. Which is true!

According to the World Population Review website, 166,279 people die in a day. And here you are, alive and well. Those people will never fulfill their goals in life. And you do! You ‘get to’ work on your dreams.

Imagine those people who are bed-ridden and stuck in the hospital. They are not able to go to the gym and exercise. You ‘get to’ do that!

You see, there are things in life that we don’t realize we take for granted. Unless it is laid in front of us.

So, in times when you lack the inspiration to do something, think about this perspective.

Take the next step on the task when you lack inspiration

Alright, gorgeous! When all else fails, here is another tip for you. Do it one step at a time.

This is something I do more often. Especially when I feel like I am beat and my hormones are overtaking me. And my actions. I take action by taking the next step on whatever it is I want to do.

For example, if I were to write the next blog post and I lack the inspiration to do so, I will take the next step. What is the next step? Well, the next step is to sit in front of a computer. Then turn on the computer. Opening “WordPress”. After that, start typing. It doesn’t matter what I am typing, just start. I find this very effective every time.

Another example of something I lack inspiration for most of the time is going to the gym. After a long day at work, and like I said earlier, it’s nice to just sit down and relax. What I would do is go to my room and pick out my gym clothes. I would wear them. Then head to my car. By that time, I am driving toward the gym.

Once I am at the gym, the voice in my head would start panicking and tell me, I need to relax and rest. Now, I know that I get to relax and rest plenty. It’s not something I need at the moment. I would just hop on a treadmill, and put my high vibration music on. The next thing I know, I am jogging and jiving to my music.

There you are gorgeous, here are my secrets on how to take action despite lack of inspiration. I would love to hear your input in the comments below.

And as always,

Be bold,

Be radiant,

Be confidently you!

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