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Reasons why you are an independent person

Reasons, why you are an independent person, is our topic for today, in lieu of Independence Day in America. Yes, I know that in my heart that you are independent. My question to you is, “Do you know that you are independent?”

In my blog post, “Gorgeous, How to know that you are the strategy?”. I explained why you have everything that you need to pursue what you are meant in life. Today, I wanted to explain the reasons why you are an independent person.

According to, independent is defined as;

not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself: an independent thinker. not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free: an independent businessman. not influenced by the thought or action of others:

Now, this blog post may sound unbelievable to you, or it can be an eye-opener. As, always, I aim to empower you. So, this can confirm that you are independent. Or open your eyes that your perception of yourself as being dependent is incorrect.

Reasons why you are an independent person:

  • You are taking risks
  • You make decisions and stick to them
  • You are not easily influenced by others
  • You are willing to change or form new habits

You are taking risks

Gorgeous, you may not realize it, but you do take risks every day.

  • Driving to your destination
  • Working to not get fired
  • Starting a new business
  • Being in a relationship
  • Moving from one place to another
  • Getting up in the morning

Taking risks is doing something that may result in a loss or failure. Sometimes, we only recognize certain things as “taking a risk”, like gambling. But if you look at it from a different perspective. You are gambling every day.

Driving to your destination is taking risks. RIsk of being in a car accident. Working is taking a risk as well. Risk of not getting fired. Starting a new business if that is your passion is a risk. Risk of the business closing. Being in a relationship is a risk. Risk of losing that person. Moving to another location is a risk. Risk of that place not working out for you. Getting up in the morning is a risk. Risk of losing sleep. Or having a bad day.

You get the message right? We do take risks e-ve-ry-day. Most of those risks are out of our control. But we still do them.

So, if you think that you are not independent. You do take risks, And that is one reason why you are an independent person.

You make decisions and stick to them

Making decisions on your own and sticking to them is one reason why you are independent. It’s not just about being firm. Or be sure of your decisions. It is making decisions and sticking to them even though you don’t know the outcome.

Do you know the word “perfectionists”? The idea that something has to be perfect before you present it? I have learned that is fear. Fear of not being good enough. And it is fine. But think of this for a second, how will you know that it is perfect if you do not show it? If you have not tried it?

Just like the examples I gave above. You getting up in the morning is a decision. And you stick to that decision. It may take you a little while to make a firm decision to get up by hitting the snooze button. But once you are up. Your day starts.

Still not convinced? When you decide to leave your home to do something. May that be going to work. Going on vacation. Or running errands. Do you change your mind? And say, I am not leaving because I may get into an accident. You don’t right?

Gorgeous, you are capable of making decisions and sticking to them. In life, sometimes we just have to make decisions without having all the answers. And own it. It may not work at first, but it’s okay.

John Maxwell said, “You will always suck the first time.” And that is so true.

You are not easily influenced by others

We all know that not being easily influenced by others is one of the signs of an independent person. But what does that really mean?

You will always be surrounded by other people in your life. Your friends. Family. Acquaintances. Media. News. Mentors. Those account as “others”.

Let’s say that you wanted to start your own business. A family member would say, “Don’t because it doesn’t give you a steady income.” This can result in you doubting your decision of starting your own business.

But let’s say, you had a baby and the baby is running a high fever and wheezing. A family member comes in and says, “The baby is fine. it’s part of growing”. As a parent, will this cause you to doubt that comment? Yes, right? You will make a decision and bring your baby to the hospital.

Let me break it down. Both examples I gave evoke emotion. The first one is uncertainty. The second one can also show uncertainty but the stronger emotion evoked is love.

When you haven’t seen the value of something. You are not fully committed to it. If you haven’t made a decision that you love that one thing. It is easy to let it go. It is easy for others to influence you of letting it go.

In the first example, what you had was desire. You want to start a new business. Not knowing how. Where. When. But you know in your heart why. You are just uncertain of all the logistics.

The second example shows that you have a foundation of love. You’ve developed a bond with the baby for nine months. Had invested time in caring for it and realized the importance of your baby. That is why you can easily make a decision and not easily be influenced by others. Regardless if they are your family.

You are willing to change or form new habits

Yes, the willingness to change or form new habits is another reason why you are an independent person. How?

Okay, if your marriage or relationship is not working out, what do you do?

You can do one of two things. One, change some things and make it work. Two, walk away and start a new life.

If you’ve never had a business but you have that burning desire to do so. Wouldn’t you find ways how to make it work? That calls for a change in your schedule. And that will also result in your growth.

At work, if your boss tells you that your performance is low. You can do two things. Make a change in yourself and improve. Or change your employer.

These are decisions that you have to make a change. Or form a new habit.

You are probably rolling your eyes at me. And saying Ernie these are not examples of an independent person. The examples are too easy and it’s what we do every day. I hear ya! And that’s my whole point, most of the examples I have given are examples where you have gained confidence. When you are comfortable doing things on a daily basis. You tend to lose sight of giving yourself credit for where you started in the first place.

But once you are faced with uncertainty. With anything new. You doubt your own skills. Capabilities. You doubt your knowledge. Sometimes doubt your vision even.

I am setting a foundation for you. And giving you a reminder, that yes, you may confide with others. You may seek help and need to be with someone in order to take action. Make a decision, Or take a risk. At the end of the day. YOU. ARE. THE. ONE. TAKING. ACTION. And that is the reason why you are an independent person.

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