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4 Reasons Why it’s okay not to be Okay!

Yes, we are talking about, “it’s okay not to be okay.” But before that, I would like to share a few things with you.

It has been 3 months and 21 days since I launched this website. To be honest, I cannot keep up with the amount of content I have put up. This has been my dream though. A platform where I can braindump my journey. And share the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my personal development journey. Also, share my journey as I partake in being a motivation teacher and coach.

Update on my journey

I have completed my motivational speaking classes. I am now, finishing my coaching classes. And soon enough I will be getting my certification in Florida. Exciting things are happening! With it all, I am grateful for each of you reading, learning, and supporting this platform.

As I have promised, this is a safe environment to share your journey. I want to share this phase of my life. It is for me to say it’s okay not to be okay.

I didn’t get that title by myself though, I got it from a song by Demi Lovato, “Ok not to be OK.

If I am being honest, I hadn’t been OKAY lately. I was slipping into old habits and I’ve let myself indulge too much.

Now, mind you going through your own personal development journey is not easy. Yes, you can read that again. It is not easy. Because if it was, everyone would be doing it. Personal growth starts within you. You have to seek it. And have the discipline to continue.

But it does not mean that you will be superhuman. Will also have a perfect life and everything will be rainbows and roses. No!

You will have down days! Days where it leads you to your old habits. And if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself continuously doing it. And it is Okay!

Like I said, It is okay not to be okay.

It is okay to fall into old habits.

Okay to indulge a little.

To get away from the consistent norm.

But as long as you know your limits.

It’s okay not to be okay, why?

  1. Because it is okay!
  2. It could be a reminder of how you were before.
  3. You need to!
  4. It’s a perfect reminder that you are still human

Because it is Okay!

It is part of being human. I am 35 years young and I have been conditioned with the old habits that are not serving me. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. I started my personal development journey 3 years ago. Though, I’ve done a lot of healing. Roller coaster of emotions. I have acquired helpful, fulfilling practices and ways. But I’ve only been in this game for three years. My conditioning is 32 years worth. It’s okay for me not to be okay sometimes. And go back to old habits. As long as, I can pick myself back up and continue where I left off. Again, it is okay to bend. It is okay to take a break. But giving up, nah!

It’s okay not to be okay, because it could be a reminder of how you were before

You know when you’ve quit a bad habit and deprived yourself of it?

Say, binge-watching on Netflix. Yes, that was my bad habit. I quit it because the content of the shows that I watch did not help me grow. So, I’ve deprived myself of binge-watching. But I did not quit watching a movie entirely. As a matter of fact, I love watching movies. I just make it to a point to watch a movie at least once a week, two at the most.

I’ve built that discipline. Movies usually take two hours of my time. It’s very rare that there is a clip-hanger at the end that I have to watch the next episode. And it worked well for me. Until last week, I let myself watch one TV show and the next thing I know, I finished the whole season in one sitting. Sadly, I did not stop there. I found another good TV show, I was 8 episodes in and binge-watched after work for two days. That did not make me feel happy. I did not eat a healthy dinner. Layed on the couch until it was bedtime. My body felt so heavy. And I did not feel productive nor fulfilled. I even felt anxious because I know there are things I needed to do but decided not to.

I did not feel okay at the time but it is okay. Why? Because it was a perfect reminder of how I felt when I was continuously doing that bad habit. And with that, I will not be binge-watching any TV shows for quite some time.

You need to!

Yes, you read it! It is okay not to be okay because you need to feel like you’re not okay! Don’t worry gorgeous, it’s not to torture you. But to remind you that it is completely fine.

I used to be so hard on myself when I have a moment of weakness. I would beat myself up mentally. And sadly, I didn’t realize that I was slowly losing my confidence in myself for doing so. You need to be not okay from time to time because you need to acknowledge what is causing that feeling. Whatever gender you are, it does not matter. It is okay to cry. It is okay to feel weak. Okay to feel sad. To feel like everything around you is crumbling.

Acknowledge that emotion and not push it under the rug. You have been conditioned that when you cry, you show weakness. You have to be tough in any scenario. I call Bullshit. It takes a lot for a person to become vulnerable in front of others. So, don’t hide your emotions.

Showing your emotions helps you connect with yourself. And connect with the people around you. See the real you behind the mask.

If this is not enough explanation, let me ask you this…

When you’re hungry what do you do? You eat right?

When you’re thirsty, you go get a drink.

And when you’re tired, you rest.

It’s the same thing when you’re not feeling okay. You acknowledge it and do something about it.

The feeling of not being okay does not define you. It just goes to show that you are in that state. And it’s either you do something about it. Or you deprive it. And you know when you deprive yourself of something. It will eat you up inside to a point that you can’t control.

It’s a perfect reminder that you are still human

Yes, it is okay not to be okay because it is a reminder that you are still human. You have emotions. You feel pain. Feel sadness. Sorrow. And the list goes on.

No need to push the feeling of not being okay aside. You just have to acknowledge it. Give it the attention it needs. Adjust what needs adjusting. And move on.

There you go gorgeous, 4 reasons why I know it’s okay not to be okay.

It may sound easier said than done. And here is the kicker. It is easy! We just tend to make it complicated.

Life is worth living, you just need to have the courage to live it.

Ernelita Dacumos

I hope this post helps you acknowledge that if you’re not okay right now. I am the first to tell you, “It is okay not to be okay!”

Feel free to share this post with someone who may need to read it as well.

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