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Reasons why Consistency is key to everything

Consistency is key to everything! Yes, gorgeous! You read that right. Being consistent is the key to everything.

It is the key to becoming good at what you want to do. It is the key to getting the job that you want. It is the key to building confidence. It is the key to becoming successful.

Here I am motivating you, yet I tell you that the key to everything is consistency and not motivation. Trust me, I was shocked too.

Why motivation is not the key to success is, because motivation only lasts for so long. You can be listening to a podcast and it will get you all fired up for the day then you need to replenish that motivation.

You can go to a motivational speaking conference, again all fired up. And you cannot wait to go out there and start doing the thing that you wanted to do and it’s all great. But this is a big but, there will be days when you will not be motivated. There will be days when you will not feel like doing the things you promised yourself to do.

And on those days, is when consistency makes an impact.

Why? Well, let me show you the reasons why consistency is key to everything.

Reasons why consistency is key to everything

  1. Consistently doing something gives you results
  2. Consistency compounds
  3. It makes the task feel lighter, bearable, and manageable
  4. It gives you confidence in yourself
  5. Consistency results in credibility

Consistently doing something gives you results

How does consistently doing something give results?

Let me give you an example. Let’s say there is a tree in your backyard that you have been wanting to cut for a long time. Every time you see the tree and it is growing bigger and bigger, the more urge you have to cut it.

But having the urge will not give you the results right?

Thinking about cutting the tree every day will also not give you the results.

Grabbing an ax and starting to cut the tree will give you the results. Not just give you results but will show you the results.

Consistency compounds

Yes, it does compound! What do I mean by it?

Let’s use the tree problem as an example and apply it to your busy life. I understand that you are busy. I understand that you have a life to live so if you want to be good at something you have to make time for it.

Let’s say that in a day, you can only go to the backyard and hit the tree with the ax five times. Again, the next day you hit the tree with the ax fix times.

Do you see the logic? Every action that you take. May it be big or small. It compounds. Hitting the tree every day has a compounding result because you are not starting over again. You are starting where you left off the day before.

Another example is investing. Putting money in to invest every month for the next ten years will compound. Because every time you put money in, you are not starting where you initially started. The interest accrues on the amount that is currently on the investment.

Consistency is key because it makes the task feel lighter, bearable, and manageable

Staying consistent makes the task feel lighter, bearable, and manageable. How? Because doing something over and over and over again every day actually builds a habit.

It will suck at first, that’s for sure. But once you consistently do it, your body gets used to it. Let’s use the tree concept again.

As I said, we do not have a lot of time in a day to get something done. And sometimes, at the end of the day, you will not have the motivation to get up and hit the tree with an ax. But since you have been doing it for weeks since maybe it’s a big tree. And it has become a part of your habit. Your body will automatically get out of the house. Go to the backyard. Pick up the ax and start hitting on that tree five times.

Consistency is key because it gives you confidence in yourself

Remember Mel Robbin’s definition of confidence in my blog post, “The art of knowing that confidence comes from within”? I shared her competence confidence loop.

It shows that to gain confidence, you have to be competent at it first. To become competent, you have to do the task over and over again. That is consistency!

Consistency results in credibility

Last but not the least, consistency results in credibility. Doing the work will start with you. Doing the work will give and show results. It will be building a habit. And it will give you that confidence that you have been working on every day consistently.

After all, this is done, the result will become visible to others as well. Others will see the outcome but not the effort. Once they see the outcome though, others will see you as credible to teach and show them the effort needed to get the results.

Credibility can also be credibility in yourself. The more you face another task to do. The more you practice consistency. The more you build that credibility in yourself that you know you will get to where you want to be. And that is because you know the secret recipe on how to get there.

And that’s it gorgeous! The reasons why consistency is the key to everything. Let me know what your key takeaway from this post in the comments below, I love to hear your input. Also, do not forget to subscribe for any random motivational emails from me.

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