Being “Different” is not a bad thing!

Hi there gorgeous. I must admit, it feels like it’s been a while since I last drafted a blog post. And for this blog post period, I wanted to share that being ‘different’ is not a bad thing!

I know you don’t need this but I will give it to you anyway. I am giving your permission to be different.

Being in a society where being different is not normal. Rejected even. Or sometimes condemned. It can be very scary to come out and let our hair down. Or speak our truth. I know because I have been there.

I used to hold my ideas within because of my fears. It was scary for me to be judged and rejected. Even being treated differently. I conformed with my environment and blended in.

I did not like conflict and confrontation. Which is why I have bottled the emotions, thoughts, and ideas inside me.

If you have been following me for quite some time, you know that I had developed a black hole in my chest. A metaphor that is. I had this image of a black hole which felt like it was consuming me. I was turning into someone that I know I am not. So, I did one of the most difficult tasks for me to do – I asked for help.

I asked for help until I found the right person to help me. I hired a coach whom I resonated with. It was a great experience. I had the realization that I was losing myself because I was living for everyone else but not for me.

In my blog post, “Impeccable reasoning behind the question, why not you?” I shared four reasons why you should be working towards your goals. Those four reasons are my driving points when I was starting my journey. Because of it, I have pushed myself beyond what I thought were my limits. And I would encourage you to read and apply the teachings in it.

Why is being different not a bad thing?

Now, going back to the subject at hand, this blog post is called, “Being ‘different’ is not a bad thing. It is not! You are reading this blog post because deep down you are a visionary. You are that generation who wants to break the cycle. Therefore you have the desire to make a difference, I get it. I happen to be that person in my generation.

I believe that we are created unique to our nature. It is up to us to realize and learn that we have that power.

A good quote from Oscar Wilde is a perfect quote for this post.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken

Oscar Wilde

As I said earlier, I did not like confrontations and conflicts which this why I went with the flow. But I realized that I was keeping myself in the dark. I was losing myself. And I don’t want that to happen to you.

You may not agree but to me, you are a visionary. You are created to break the chains or the cycle in your family generation. And yes you are probably connotated as someone ‘different’. But lean in when I tell you that it is not a bad thing. And let me tell you why…

Being ‘different’ is not a bad thing:

Different is not a bad thing because we can make the world better

It is not a bad thing because we look at things from a different perspective

Not a bad thing because we aim to make a difference

Different is not a bad thing because we can make the world better

I say this wholeheartedly, YOU can make the world better. To be honest, the word “world” is a metaphor and you can apply your definition.

I would use the invention of the computer. For example, the computer was first called, the “Difference Engine” by Charles Babbage. He entertained the idea of a potential machine that can automatically calculate data. Today we have this wonderful tool that we widely use called Computer. You see, the people who are willing to challenge the norm are the ones who make a change in this world. It doesn’t have to be the entire world, it can be one person’s world or yours!

It is not a bad thing because we look at things from a different perspective.

Someone who thinks differently goes against the waves. There are so many things that I can share on this thought. I host masterminds and fell in love with the process. A mastermind is presenting an idea and listening to people with different perspectives. This is to explain their point of view or share their thought about the idea. This way, each person from that group will have a chance to listen to the idea and dissect it. It is a combination of people’s point-of-view to come up with a better idea hence it is called Mastermind. This activity is meant to go out in the world with a thought process in consideration of other people’s point-of-view. They say two minds are better than one, in this program you will have multiple minds working together as one. Brilliant right?

Not a bad thing because we aim to make a difference

Yes, “different” does not mean bad. The people who think differently are the ones crazy enough to make the difference. It doesn’t mean that we are difficult. Merely it means that we are challenging the common beliefs and want to know if there is a better way. It is not defying what it already established, more like wanting to improve it.

Again, going back to the computer invention analogy. If Charles Babbage did not think outside the box, we will not have computers today. If Albert Einstein thought of how many times he has tried and tested the creation of lightbulbs as a failure. We will be living differently today. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, and if he did not, our form of communication today will not be as quick and efficient.

There you have it gorgeous. Being different is not a bad thing. So, don’t dim your light because you have a different idea from everyone else. Do not hold back from thinking about what others may think about you. I promise you, when you start speaking up and letting your voice be heard, you will attract your true tribe. And when you do, it will be the most empowering environment you will be a part of.

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