3 Techniques to Gain Freedom from Your Mind

In observance of the Fourth of July as America’s birth of Independence, I would like to share “Techniques to Gain Freedom from Your Mind.”

Do you know that the human brain can process 11 million bits of information every second? But our conscious minds can only handle 40-50 bits of information every second? (npr.org)

This is a lot of information to process yet, our focus is only on that bit of information that our conscious mind can handle.

Now, have you been in a situation where you’ve said something you did not mean to and wish you had not?

All of a sudden, you play that scenario in your head thinking of ways on how you could have done it differently.

Then you slowly inflict self-blame. And (you may not be doing this, but you may) to a certain extent called yourself names, like; “You’re so stupid!” You can’t do anything right!” There is no hope for you!”

This is called self-sabotage. I have done this multiple times in my lifetime and I will be honest it does not feel good. I used to go through this downward spiral. To a point where all the confidence I had left within me just flew out of the window. Then I will be stuck in my own mind. Captured and incarcerated with no sight of freedom,

A place, I promised myself that I will not come back to and a place I don’t want you to experience. So, here are the techniques I have gradually used in order…

To gain freedom from my own mind

  • Meditation
  • Focus on what you want
  • Tell yourself, “It’s okay!”


If you have been reading my past posts, you know that I did not like meditation. I even said that meditating makes me think about food. And it is true. That is because I did not know any better. I did not know that there are different types of meditation. The form of meditation that worked well for me was “Guided Meditation.” Because of this, I learned to focus my thoughts more on what I wanted.

There are different types of guided meditation; meditation for sleeping, relaxation, and calmness. Click on the hyperlink to listen to an example of them.

These meditations are what I have used whenever I have trouble sleeping, or I feel overwhelmed. This also resulted in being my reset button whenever I go through a downward spiral on scenarios that I could have done differently.

And what it did for me was, it made me feel free, it quieted all the noise that was in my mind and gave me this peace.

You can find these meditations online on any platform that you use to listen music to.

Focus on what you want

Focusing on what I wanted, made me feel free. Let me ask you, when you focus on what you do not want, how do you feel? Helpless right?

Shift it and focus on what you do want. You will use the same energy anyway. Might as well use that energy in something that is positive for you. This technique has given me freedom and had me thinking of the possibilities for me instead of what I lack. Try it, I promise, it will have a huge impact on you too.

Tell yourself, “It’s O.K.” It will set you free

I will be brutally honest, life will throw curve balls at you. People will judge you to your core. Some of them will make you feel miserable and inadequate. Please don’t add to that. Knowing you as my reader, you are a cheerleader to others. Always there to support, and give other people what they need.

Be that person to yourself too. At least, set yourself free from your own judgments. Set yourself free from all the negative talk within yourself.

Be your biggest cheerleader and tell yourself, “It’s Okay!” Because it is! We live in a society where making mistakes is not acceptable. But little did we know, that making mistakes, failing, yet getting back up again is part of the process.

It would be a disservice to you and to others if you beat yourself up.

There you have it gorgeous, the “3 Techniques to Gain Freedom from Your Mind. I challenge you to apply these and let me know how it has impacted you through the comments below.

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