At Last, The Secret To “Power of Words” Revealed

At last, The secret to “power of words” revealed! Yes! Your words are very powerful and with everything that I am seeing and hearing right now. Even with myself. I wanted to give this information to give you guidance on how to use your words to your advantage.

A few months back, a good friend of mine Eric Douglas, recommended for me to read the book, “What to say when you talk to yourself”. by Shad Helmstetter PhD. Now, I highly recommend reading it.

The title itself says it all. And it’s quite practical.

Do you ever stop and analyze how you talk to yourself?

And no! I did not mean talking to yourself like you’re crazy.

It’s far from that. I know that we do tend to talk to ourselves. Plenty of time even.

But just out of curiosity, do you stop and see how your conversations with yourself make you feel?

If the answer is no. It’s okay. That is what this blog post is for.

I learned a long time ago that your words can either empower you or weaken you.

So, In this blog post, I wanted to share the secret to the “Power of words”.

Secret to the Power of Words

  • Positive self talk
  • One “word” strategy
  • Affirmations

Positive Self-talk

What we “say” about ourselves, we tend to believe. What we believe, we tend to act. What we act, we tend to become

Dr. John Maxwell

One of the forms of self-love that I have learned is positive self-talk. And I can guarantee with you right now that this is not something that you practice all the time.

How so? I’m glad you asked. That is because it is so easy to practice negative self-talk. It’s easy enough that we do it unconsciously.

When you’re given a compliment, “You look good!” Sometimes you’ll respond, “Ugh, I look so ugly!”

When you forgot to do something. Or when you made a mistake. Your first reaction is, “I’m so stupid.”

You look in the mirror, and the first you say, “I am so fat”.

How do these comments to yourself make you feel?

And what’s funny is, we get so upset when other people call us ugly. When they call us stupid. We get so furious when they call us fat. When in all reality, we are the bully.

Think about that for a second.

So, I challenge you. For the next 21 days, bring a small notebook and a pen with you. And every time, you say something negative about yourself. At night, shift that to a positive.

When you call yourself dumb. Change that to, “I am smart”.

At times when you feel like saying, “Why me?”. Say, “This is preparing me for something bigger!”

And instead of saying, “I am not enough”. I am the first to tell you, “You are more than enough.”

I wanted to add this, at times you will ask yourself, “what if it doesn’t work?”.

See how easy it is to focus on the negative? But, what if you ask, “what if it does work?”. Doesn’t that empower you? It gives you that jolt of confidence?

Go ahead gorgeous, practice that. Feel the change. And remember, the power of words in shaping your life.

One “word” strategy

This secret has been a big help for me. You might have read or heard me say this. In December of 2020, my online best friend, Katie and I made a pack that in 2021 we will live by the word “Uncomfortable”. And boy, we did get uncomfortable throughout the whole year.

And to be honest, up to this year. I don’t remember how we picked a word. It was in a middle of a conversation and we were preparing for the new year.

I didn’t even know that living a whole year around one word was a strategy. Until I read it in the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth book by Dr. John Maxwell.

In that book, Dr. John Maxwell explained that focusing on one word, helps a person to stay intentional. And I do agree.

It’s a powerful secret because based on my experience, it helped me stay on track. It’s so simple that I can easily remember it.

2021 was very uncomfortable for me because of the following:

  • I asked for help by hiring a coach
  • I surrendered my belief in the power of manifestation
  • I found out my life’s purpose (I’m sure you know this by now)
  • I found out about the John Maxwell team and immersed myself in learning

Good things happen when you focus on one thing. And in this case, focus on “One word”.

I would like to challenge you with this, think of a word that you describes you. What would that be?

Power of words – Affirmations

Ernie, affirmations doesn’t work.

Yes, I have heard this before. I’m going to let you in on a secret. I thought of the same thing. My bullsh*t radar keeps coming on every time I wrote an affirmation.

I learned about affirmations 4 years ago. We were asked to write gratitude and affirmations every day. The gratitude part was fun. It helped me appreciate all the things around me.

But when it’s time to write my affirmations. I hated it. That feeling like I was lying to myself.

I am rich. Money is flowing in my life. I have all the confidence in the world.

As I write those words, my mind was screaming, BS, BS, BS.

It’s not until I learned that affirmations doesn’t work when done incorrectly.

Affirmations only work when the affirmation applies to your current situation and if you believe.

Say, you wanted to start a business. The affirmation that you were writing was, I have a successful business. Yet, you are not making any money and barely knew what to do.

I learned that if you shift it with an affirmation that says, “I am blessed that I get to start my own business.” “I am working on achieving success through my business.” It applies to you. And it’s very empowering. Right?

Instead of saying, “I am rich”. Say, “I love money and money loves me.”

You get the gist. Affirmations work if it’s in the present and if you believe in it.

There you have it gorgeous, the secrets to the power of your words. Again, words can either empower you or weaken you. Using those three secrets can definitely empower you and change how you face your day to day journey.

I will tell you now though that it will not happen overnight. Don’t give up. Keep at it. And it will eventually come naturally.

Let me know your thoughts on the comment below and if you found value in this blog post, share it with your friends. Let’s spread awareness to positivity.

Yours truly,


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